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New Merchandise

Minora and I returned from our Tampa trip last night and will be unloading the truck today.  We’ve managed to pick up several nice clean king and queen mattress sets at good prices. So be on the lookout for those to post soon. We didn’t get as much wood furniture or chairs as we would have liked but we DID get a few things.  I’ll post when those items are scheduled to be put into inventory so you can give them a look as well.
We are going to be adding a few items to clearance pricing soon to help reduce our inventory.  Since we’ve moved the front two walls all the way to the back of the building, we’ve been trying to get the mess organized and cleaned up. It’s a slow process but it’s getting there. It’s also doubled our available storage area.  You’re welcome to come by and look at furniture but honestly it’s easier to see the items on our website.  Just shoot us a text to setup a time to come by between 10am-10pm.