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New Feature Added to website

We’ve noticed several folks hitting the dreaded 404 error pages and even trying to access non-existent images frequently.

Our inventory changes quite frequently sometimes within a couple hours. Most of our products are one of a kind meaning we only sell 1 per listing. Once someone purchases an item, it is immediately removed from inventory and taken off the online “Store”.  Once it is delivered or picked up, we delete the photo and product posting information. Therefore, if you bookmark a product or it’s associated image and try to go back to it via the bookmark, you will get an error because it is gone! If you do it enough times, the system will lock you out.

The reason for this is that hackers will scan a server to find specific vulnerable files to exploit. If those files do not exist on the server, the server will return a “not found” error.  A bunch of errors usually signifies someone is trying to hack the server for access.  That is why we have that policy in place. Best thing to do is use the new “Wishlist” feature we just added.  That way, you can place products in there that you may be considering to buy without putting them in the cart and losing them later or bookmarking them only to get multiple errors and get locked out!  Try it out. Look for the “Add to wishlist” link on each product. You can access your wishlist under the “My Account” menu link at top.