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Major Amount of Product Coming in=Huge Sale!

We’ve just partnered with a Tampa FL broker who is supplying us with a LOT of used furniture.  Our warehouse is already pretty full up with some really great bargains and some awesome chests and dressers as well.

We’ve got a full truck to unload this weekend and were informed that we’ve got three more truck loads available to us if we want it. The only way we’re gonna have space for all this furniture is to have a huge sale and to rent some extra space. So be on the lookout for the major SALE event announcement coming in the next few days and some extended shopping hours too

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Vendor Accounts

Just realized vendor accounts are not showing correct prices. We will get this fixed first thing in the morning (for those late-night shoppers.. you know who you are!)

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We finally got the truck unloaded from the last trip!  Taking pics and measurements now. Updates to follow each day so keep a check on the site for new inventory. Also we just added a widget that displays 10 of the newest items that are ON SALE! Look on the right side of the page in desktop version and on mobile you should see it right under the category selector.

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We are back!

Made in back home.. Just give us a few days to unload the truck and get pics and measurements!  Got some nice dressers and chest of drawers this time.

Also thinking of making a section on the website for “Fix it Yourself”. It will be stuff we bought that needs work.. you will have the chance to buy it at a reduced price and work on it yourself instead of waiting for us to repair it.

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Check Website After 9 am June 9th

I am working on getting items posted to the site and have them scheduled to post at 9 o’clock (Eastern Time) on Tuesday June 9th.  There is still some furniture that needs repair that will be posted at a later date.

We plan to make a trip to Dothan either Wednesday or Thursday this week  🙂

Also.. I marked down some of the pieces that have been online for a while.