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Major Amount of Product Coming in=Huge Sale!

We’ve just partnered with a Tampa FL broker who is supplying us with a LOT of used furniture.  Our warehouse is already pretty full up with some really great bargains and some awesome chests and dressers as well.

We’ve got a full truck to unload this weekend and were informed that we’ve got three more truck loads available to us if we want it. The only way we’re gonna have space for all this furniture is to have a huge sale and to rent some extra space. So be on the lookout for the major SALE event announcement coming in the next few days and some extended shopping hours too

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Vendor Accounts

Just realized vendor accounts are not showing correct prices. We will get this fixed first thing in the morning (for those late-night shoppers.. you know who you are!)

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New Accounts

We have temporarily shut down registration until we can implement a new registration system. We are getting too many hackers signing up for accounts to try and hack the website.  We will be temporarily adding accounts manually until we can get a new registration system in place.

Please call Minora at 229.309.1210 to inquire about an account.

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New Feature Added to website

We’ve noticed several folks hitting the dreaded 404 error pages and even trying to access non-existent images frequently.

Our inventory changes quite frequently sometimes within a couple hours. Most of our products are one of a kind meaning we only sell 1 per listing. Once someone purchases an item, it is immediately removed from inventory and taken off the online “Store”.  Once it is delivered or picked up, we delete the photo and product posting information. Therefore, if you bookmark a product or it’s associated image and try to go back to it via the bookmark, you will get an error because it is gone! If you do it enough times, the system will lock you out.

The reason for this is that hackers will scan a server to find specific vulnerable files to exploit. If those files do not exist on the server, the server will return a “not found” error.  A bunch of errors usually signifies someone is trying to hack the server for access.  That is why we have that policy in place. Best thing to do is use the new “Wishlist” feature we just added.  That way, you can place products in there that you may be considering to buy without putting them in the cart and losing them later or bookmarking them only to get multiple errors and get locked out!  Try it out. Look for the “Add to wishlist” link on each product. You can access your wishlist under the “My Account” menu link at top.

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Moved to new server

We just moved the website to a new server so please check out everything and let us know if you find something broken. Initial views look promising. We didn’t notice any bugs right off but we’re sure there have got to be some hiding in there somewhere.


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32 Inventory Additions Added tonight

We just added 32 new additions to our inventory tonight so head on over to the Shop and check em out.

Also we just picked up a full truck load of 25 lateral filing cabinets from a Georgia State Agency. These are heavy gauge steel professional lateral filing cabinets suitable for heavy repeated use that will last for years.  There are also several desks, hutches, credenzas and even a few conference tables with a few chairs as well. We’ll be posting them throughout the remainder of December and into January as we work down our inventory. Our next buying trip will be in 2nd week of January 2016.

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31 New Products Added Today!

Click the “Shop” link at the top to see all the goodies we just added today. Lots and lots of NEW products since we finished unloading the truck yesterday.  I’m sure there is something in our inventory that you haven’t seen yet.

If  you don’t want to sort through all the pages of products, use the drop-down list to select a Category of items that you may be specifically interested in viewing such as “Chests & Dressers & Buffets” (oh my!).

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Back from working vacation

We’re back from working vacation. We just added 44 items to our inventory and we haven’t even unloaded the truck yet. That was from the last auction trip! So keep checking the Shop page for new items being added daily.

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2015 Renovation

The renovation is nearly complete. Here’s a list of what we did this time around. As promised, photos are included.

IMG_20151030_135507We have been having trouble loading out in front of the building as Second St tends to be very busy and parking spaces out front stay filled up a good bit. We decided our best bet was to arrange the furniture more towards the back door so load in and out will be MUCH easier. Also while rearranging everything, we tried to add features to make our arrangement more productive.




We built 2′ deep shelves on the long walls for us to store dining chairs so look for LOTS of chairs in our inventory. We’ll be adding a few more shelves too in the near future!



IMG_20151030_135355We put up fluorescent strip lights on the east side so now all that side is illuminated!

We’ve built table racks to store all the dining tables, mattress racks to store mattresses, and an overhead storage space for box springs.




Now, all the wood furniture is on the east side of the storefront and we have one full wall for nothing but sofas! Currently we have 4 love seats and 6 sofas in stock with room for several more!





We also moved our greenery over to the west front window and took down the clear plastic from our windows so you can now window shop when you drive or walk by on Second St.



IMG_20151030_135408All that is left is to take down the ceiling fans and put up a few strip lights on the west side along with a few more chair shelves.  We’ll be doing that after vacation!