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New Furniture

We just got back tonight from our week long trip to Tampa.  Bought some nicer furniture and a few bedding sets. We also picked up some authentic antiques as well including a very nice curved front glass display cabinet, a secretary and chest of drawers. We’ll be unloading the truck, taking photos, and posting furniture on Wednesday so keep an eye out for that

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Delivery: Dothan

We’re delivering furniture to Dothan AL today and Bainbridge GA this evening. So get those orders in asap. We’ll be leaving soon! There’s still some good deals to be had in inventory. I’ve put several items on sale so check ’em out.

And for those of you who have asked, we are headed to the auction to get another load of furniture this weekend and will be back later in the week probably next Friday evening or so. Stay tuned here and on Facebook for updates

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Store Remodel

front wallI’m sure a lot of you have been wondering why we’ve been missing in action so to speak. Thanks to you all we’ve had to expand our storage area due to our sales volume. We just didn’t have enough space to store all we need.  That has been rectified! We’ve been doing a remodel of our storefront warehouse.

It involved taking down the front east-west wall in two parts, then putting it back up in two different places. We’ve moved it from the north side(front) all the way to the south(back).

back roomWe still have a huge mess to clean up and furniture needs to be reorganized.  We will be finishing up the cleanup today & tomorrow so expect us to be much more active online on the site, Facebook, and Craigslist too!

Also, we’ll be making another furniture run in about a week or so. We’ll post a notice as soon as we make the trip.

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There’s been a lot of questions about the new shopping cart system so I’ll try to answer most of those questions here. I may need to put up a F.A.Q. at some point as well.  For now, here’s the scoop:


We buy cheap and sell it cheap! There’s no other way to say it. So cheap that some furniture dealers buy wholesale from us.  Our furniture doesn’t sit in the warehouse long. Be aware that if you see something today, don’t be upset if you don’t see it available tomorrow.  Many times I’ve heard from dealers who just missed buying something from the site because they weren’t sure they wanted it so they waited. When they came back later, it was gone.  If you’re not sure you want it, go ahead and put it in your Cart. You’ll have a little time to think about it.

60 Minute Lock

Nearly all of our store inventory has limited quantities so expect there to only be one of each item posted.  In some instances like chair sets, we usually price them as a set so once again there will only be a quantity of one.  The way our shopping cart works is when you add an item to the cart, it locks that item for 60 minutes so that no one else can add it to their cart.  This keeps folks from double ordering more than the actual quantity on hand. So if you’re the first person to add it to your cart, please make sure you complete your order in less than 60 minutes.  If you don’t complete your order in less than 60 minutes, the system will unlock those items in your cart so that someone else can add them to their cart.  This continues on and on until someone completes their order and checks out. Once you checkout, the item is yours.  We will then arrange delivery with you or you can come pick the item(s) up at our warehouse in Donalsonville GA.


At present, we accept Credit/Debit Cards through Paypal. You do not have to have a Paypal account to use your card.  We also accept Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) orders as well. We can also arrange bank transfers if you need that service.


We do sell retail, so sales tax is added to all purchases unless you have previously given us (in advance) a copy of your resale tax number


Wholesale pricing is available for established dealers. Please contact us to setup your wholesale account today.


At the present time, we include local delivery within 35 miles of Donalsonville GA at no additional charge. We will deliver most anywhere but distances outside a 35 mile radius of Donalsonville GA will incur a delivery fee.

I will add more answers as I get asked questions about how we operate/shopping cart. Feel free to contact us through Facebook or text. Info is on the contact page.
Head on over to the Shop and checkout what we have for sale 🙂